International Contest of World Spirits

More important

The samples will be presented in an totally anonymous fashion to the judging panels.
Each spirit drink tasted is scored individually and not comparatively.

Technical Tasting

The aim of this international competition is to promote the fundamental qualities of spirit drinks and to reward those who have reached the organoleptic levels that are close to the ultimate organoleptic of their appellation or origin. Can participate spirits drinks from all regions of France and the World.

This international competition is also intended to encourage and highlight the role of women and their various professions of spirit drinks and in the world of wine and wine internationally.


International Tasters of Spirit Drinks

Silence, Concentration, Attention, Rigor.

The wines are classified according to the category (color, type, grape variety) and tasted in series and / or mini series in the series.

This unique process was created in 2009 by the oenologist,Adirana ETCHABERRY
. The rating scale adopted is based on the points system according to the tasting sheet and its descriptors of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) also recognized by the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE)
No spirit drink has yet received 100/100.

Since its creation, no spirit drinks have yet received a rating of 100/100.

This year the one with the highest score is a Rhum from Distillery NEISSON which received 96/100


A Professional Exceptional Tasting
Selection of international female expert

Nothing is left to chance, from the reception of the sample until its tasting and evaluation.
A nominative and qualified international jury composed of 5 tasters representing the 5 colleges tasted and judge in the morning only 18 samples at the most.

A strict process allows us to have:

  • Tasting instructions before the competition
  • Professional tasting environment
  • Juries composed of 5 international tasters
  • Information session President and jurors
  • Scenario sensory analysis
  • Total anonymity: black bouffant bag and ring cetie
  • Wine temperature control service
  • Tasting glass for the sensory analysis of international standard  Vinalies Internationales and / or Riedel
  • Timing for each wine tasted
  • Sommelier service in the tasting room for each table
  • Individual spittoons with closure
  • Break 10 minutes between 2 sets
  • Tasting sheet (OIV / UIOE)
  • Immediate results

Entry requirements for the wines 

Wines must be bottled and ready for sale. 
Wines packaged in wineskin of wine are also allowed to participate.

Their labels should conform to:
• The European Union regulation applied to EU member states.
• To the regulation in force in the country where the wine is produced and to the provisions regarding the importation of wine applicable to non-EU member states.

Sample Scoring System

Women and Spirits of the World - Contest International™ / Women and Spirits of The
World - International Competition™ defines the rewards that are :
- Nova* of "Diamond", global score > 92 points out of 100 points
- Nova* of "Gold", global mark > 80 points out of 91 points
- Nova of "Silver", global score between 75 and 79 points out of 100 points

* GRAND PRIZE 'Céline MELLIER " Oenologist with a State Diploma, spirit that obtained the high score of the whole competition.
* Unforgettable Diamond Trophy, award-winning wine having obtained from 96 points to 100 points.
* Memorable Diamond Trophy, award-winning wine with 92-95 points
* Admirable Diamond Trophy, award-winning wine having obtained 80 to 91 points.
* Remarkable Silver Trophy, award-winning wine with 75 to 79 points.

*Nova: star that lights up suddenly


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