This competition is open to spirit drinks from all countries and all viticultural regions with a specified geographical denomination producted or / and making by men or /and women.
The specifity of this competition is that the spirit drinks will be judged exclusively by women. .

The competition is intended to highlight the intrinsic qualities of wines from specific geographical areas and to award those wines of outstanding quality and exceptional expression of their appellation or origin.

This international competition also aims to bring to light the role of women and their professions in the world of wine at an international level through the panel of tasters.

The spirit drinks will be tasted and evaluated exclusively by women while respecting universal ethics and principles.
The samples will be presented in an anonymous fashion to the judging panels. Each wine tasted is scored individually and not comparatively.


Women and Spirits of the World International Competition™ - Femmes et Spiritueux du Monde Concours International™ is managed in MONACO par Inter Concours du Monde Association

* The competition shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of European Council and the OIV (the International Vine and Wine Organisation).

* The all-female tasting panels consist of 5 women representing a broad cross-section of the international spirit drinks industry.

*Each wine is tasted for its own inherent quality


To host this international event,  we have chosen an outstanding venue, a centre of international gastronomy, and mythicall city 


What could be more natural than to associate an international event of this type with, MONACO, a multicultural principality of over 125 nationalities and a vibrant cosmopolitan centre of international exchange ?


Femmes et Spiritueux du Monde Concours International™ - Women and Spirits of the World International Competition™ est organisé à MONACO par Inter Concours du Monde